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Body Odor/BackAche

Body Odour / Badan Berbau

Dietary Supplement Daily Usage
Alfalfa 10 tablets 2
B Complex 1 tablet 2
Beta Carotene 2 capsules 2
Fiber Plan Drink Mix 2 tablespoons 2
Ginger 3 tablets 2
Zinc 1 tablet 2
Body odours are not produced by perspiration itself but by bacterial activity that takes place in the perspiration.
Respiration, particularly in the underarm area.
Nutrition Answers
  • Contains chlorophyll, a natural deodoriser and detoxifier.
B Complex
  • Helps metabolise fats and is essential for the maintenance of a healthy skin.
Beta Carotene
  • Responsible for a healthy mucous membrane that protects the skin against infection from virus and bacteria when sweat accumulates on the body.
  • Its job is to keep the digestive system running smoothly and eliminating waste regularly.
  • Aids in prevention of gas in stomach.
  • It's essential for the healthy growth of various organs of elimination of toxic that accumulates in the body.

Back Ache / Sakit Pinggang

Dietary Supplement Daily Usage
B Complex 2 to 4 tablets 2
Calcium Magnesium 2 tablets 3
Instant Protein 2 tablespoons 2
Vita C 100mg
Vita C 500mg
3 tablets 2
(with gastric problem)
1 to 2 tablets 2
(without gastric problem)
It is caused by a strained muscle in the lower back.
Low back pain.
Nutrition Answers
B Complex
  • Involved in tissue repair.
  • Aids in building muscle and helps recovery.
Calcium Magnesium
  • Along with calcium can increase quality of nerve transmission.
  • Aids in muscle relaxation.
  • Helps relieve muscle fatigue irritability.
Instant Protein
  • Amino acid Phenylalanine helps relieve chronic pain.
  • Supplies a biologically complete protein for cell recovery.
Vitamin C
  • Helps production of collagen for strong cell building.
  • Repairs damaged cells and aids in wound healing.