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Heart Disease

Heart Disease/Coronary Heart Disease / Sakit Jantung

Dietary Supplement Daily Usage
B Complex 2 tablets 2
Calcium Magnesium 2 tablets 2
EPA 3 capsules 2
Fiber Plan Daily Mix 2 tablespoons 2
Garlic 3 tablets 2
Ginger 3 tablets 2
Instant Protein 2 tablespoons 2
Lecithin 6 capsules 2
Vita Lea 1 tablet 2
Vita C 100mg
Vita C 500mg
3 tablets 2
(with gastric problem)
1 to 2 tablets 2
(without gastric problem)
Vitamin E 400 I.U. 1 capsule 2
Is a catch all phrase for a number of disorders affecting blood, the heart and blood vessels. A more apt term is cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease comprises several symptoms and disorders:
  • Coronary heart disease
    • Atherosclerosis - thickening & hardening of arteries blocked by cholesterol
    • Angina Pectoris - chest pain
    • Heart attack - where blood starved heart tissue dies called coronary thrombosis
  • Hypertensive heart disease
  • Rheumatic heart disease
  • Congenital heart disease

Nutrition Answers
B Complex
  • Every member of the B Complex is related to cardiovascular health.
  • Thiamine has a significant function in maintaining a regular heart beat and heart elasticity.
  • Niacin can lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Folic acid can dilate or open blood vessels.
  • B6 can improve electrical conduction in the heart of a patient who has suffered a recent heart attack.
Calcium Magnesium
  • Helps regulate normal blood pressure.
  • Ensures steady functioning of the heart and blood system.
  • Helps blood coagulate so wounds heal quickly.
  • Necessary for normal heart action. Marginal deficiency can predispose you to cardiac-rhythm disturbances.
  • Heart attack victims are at risk for low magnesium.
  • Protects against toxic reaction for people taking Digitals.
  • EPA and DHA are polyunsaturated fatty acids found mainly in the bodies of cold water fish.
  • Reduces blood clotting - by making blood platelets less sticky.
  • Improves blood circulation - by keeping blood vessels open.
  • Lowers harmful LDL and raises protective HDL cholesterol.
  • Increases the amount of cholesterol the body excretes.
  • Fiber lowers triglycerides significantly.
  • Lower blood pressure when fiber is added to diet.
  • Obesity makes the heart pump harder. A high fiber diet can actually impair the ability of the body to absorb calories. This means you can actually consume a few more calories and still lose weight.
  • Main ingredient of garlic oil, diallyl disulphide not only prevents but removes fatty acids from the arteries of the heart. This explains why blood cholesterol may increase in heart patients after garlic is taken, as garlic dislodges it from artery walls.
  • Among all plants, garlic contains the highest level of antioxidant selenium.
  • It acts as an antioxidant to help counteract the damaging effects of free radical coming from cigarette smoke, radiation, pollution, food additives, alcohol etc.
  • Helps in reducing cholesterol level, lowering blood pressure and preventing internal clot that can trigger heart attacks and strokes.
Instant Protein
  • Replaces diet with bad saturated fat from meat, dairy products to a high quality, low fat protein supplement.
  • Supplies a biologically complete protein for cell recovery.
  • Helps in building hormones and enzymes.
  • Lecithin is especially rich in choline and linoleic acid:
    • Choline emulsifies and breaks down fats and cholesterols so they can be transported more efficiently. This minimises deposit in the liver and blood vessels.
    • Linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that causes the liver to produce less cholesterol, significantly reduces harmful LDL levels, raises the protective HDL component, and helps control triglyceride levels.
Vita Lea
  • Provides an optimum balance of 12 vitamins, 7 minerals for good nutrition.
Vitamin C
  • Helps produce collagen, giving structure to blood vessels.
  • Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease by increasing HDL cholesterol.
  • Can help clear the blood vessels and aid in preventing heart attacks & strokes.
  • Vitamin C circulates in the blood stream and can bind to free radicals to disarm them and render them harmless.
Vitamin E
  • Raises levels of HDL, the good cholesterol.
  • Helps prolong life of red blood cells.
  • Dilates blood vessels and keeps blood thin.
  • Stimulates the production of prostacyclin a chemical that prevents blood platelets from clumping together and forming dangerous clots in the blood. A clot blocking an artery causes a stroke.
  • Reduces the oxidation of fatty acids in the blood and thereby increases oxygen available to the muscles and other tissues.