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Gout/Hair Loss

Hair Loss / Rambut Gugur

Dietary Supplement Daily Usage
B Complex 2 tablets 2
Beta Carotene 1 capsule 2
Vita Lea 1 to 2 tablets 2
Instant Protein 1 tablespoon 2
Lecithin 6 capsules 2
Zinc 1 tablet 2
Hair loss due to breakage without the root.
Nutrition Answers
  • B Vitamin helps hair in four distinct ways:
    • Formation of a healthy hair shaft
    • Smooth hair growth to an even rate
    • Strengthens the hair shaft so hair is strong and does not break easily
    • Maintains hair colour
Beta Carotene
  • Beta Carotene works with Vita B complex to keep hair shiny. It will help protect each hair from drying in the sun.
Instant Protein
  • Quality of hair depends on protein as it is at least 97% protein. Lack of protein will result in dryness, brittleness and lack of luster.
  • It contains several fatty acids that are essential for smooth, injury free passage of the hair shaft through the collicle.
  • They aid in thickening hair and bringing a sheen to it.
Vita Lea
  • Provides optimal nutrition to the hair as it contains 12 vitamins and 7 minerals that aids in balancing body chemistry.
  • Greatly strengthens the hair shaft by thickening it, resulting in full, luxurious hair. With stronger shafts the number of hairs you lose each day may decrease.


Dietary Supplement Daily Usage
Alfalfa 10 tablets 2
B Complex 1 to 2 tablets 2
Calcium Magnesium 2 tablets 2
Fiber Plan Daily Mix 2 tablespoons 2
Instant Protein 2 tablespoons 2
Vitamin E 400 I.U. 1 capsule 2
It occurs when the body is unable to properly use uric acid. An excess form little like crystals in the joints and leads to inflammation.
Acute joint pain, swelling tenderness and redness.
Nutrition Answers
  • Contains chlorophyll, a natural body detoxifier.
B Complex
  • The presence of Vita B especially pantothenic acid during stress, helps uric acid to be converted into urea and ammonia both of which are quickly excreted in the urine thus reducing the uric acid in the blood.
  • It stimulates T and B-cells to secrete a protein molecule interferon which protect healthy cells from invading pathogens. This substance is able to help protect you from pain.
Calcium Magnesium
  • It helps the damaged joint repair themselves and cools off painful area.
  • Cartilage is also nourished by calcium magnesium.
  • Excess weight can cause and worsen gout. A high fiber meal gives you "I,m full" message.
Instant Protein
  • Any person with gout should be particular to obtain complete protein, as diets lacking in any of the essential amino acids, the production of uric acid increases.
Vitamin E
  • A lack of it especially under stress, damages the cell nucleus from which uric acid is produced and persons deficient in this vitamin form uric acid in excessive amounts.
  • It helps the adrenal gland to manufacture hormone cortisone for its long term anti-inflammatory action.